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To your everyday workspace with OSAAP precision tool-kit inserts, custom-made for your craft. From a lot size of one to one thousand, OSAAP is your time and cost-efficient partner.

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Step 1


Using OSAAP Australia’s Light Panel Products, arrange the tools you need on the panel in any order. With the high resolution camera provided, capture a photo to use for designing your shadowboard.

Step 2


Following the linear design progression of our FREE Blue Shadow CAD Software, select the board thickness, color, and size you need. Layout your board using simple to understand icons to straighten, align, and customize multi-depths for your tools on the Shadow Board. Save your board in our proprietary .bord format and also begin to build your tool database.

Step 3

Web Portal

Obtain a new project web portal from OSAAP Australia. The web portal is designed to upload .bord files and photos taken on our Light Panel Products.

Step 4


Once we receive your design information through the web portal, we will review the material. After the design is completed, a .pdf document is issued in the portal for approval.

Step 5


The manufacturing side of our process is equally as automated as the design side, enabling us to manufacture a single board just as efficiently as multiple boards.

Step 6


We can incorporate your logo onto our foam shadow board design and laser/drill mark your custom text into your board with ease.

Who We Are

We offer a comprehensive menu of customizable organizational solutions.

OSAAP represents “Order And Cleanliness In The Work Place”. Utilizing our key software capabilities and scanning equipment, we provide organizations with fully customizable solutions for creating effective, high quality foam shadow boards and inserts.

Our vision is to be the leading provider of high-specification, premium-grade custom foam solutions for all safety-sensitive industries in Australia.

Our mission is to provide the highest value and accessibility to developing complete foam solutions for our customers.

Our values are Quality, Teamwork, Collaboration and Relationships.

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Download our Blue Shadow software for importing and scaling images, and real-time design of shadowboards and foam inlays.


“When the finished shadow boards arrived at the office our team was blown away! It is far superior to the previous die cut and laminated foam inserts that were being used previously and fail within months of normal use. The quality and precision of the foam is incomparable to anything we have seen before. The foam is robust and the color options are a great touch to match your company colors or for additional organization.”

Mike Letchworth – High Voltage Battery Test Engineer

“What impressed me the most about the design process was OSAAP’s ability to come up with a design extremely fast; literally went from concept to prototype in 3 days (came in with idea on Friday and left with samples that following Monday!)”

Michael Jansen – Principal Manufacturing Engineer
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