2d Stations

2D Light Tower

The 2D Light Tower is designed for customers to use throughout their facility. It is made of plastic-jacketed steel tubing on casters for mobility. The light panel sits at standard counter height for easy access, and the camera is mounted 5-feet above the light panel surface. The top section of the tower can pivot down on two hinges for easy access to the camera, or for walking the station through a doorway. The entire assembly is covered with a black light curtain, thus eliminating any side light that might impact the quality of the photo.


The Full Light Tower includes the Cannon Rebel T6 Camera with Cannon image capture software. The T6 lens reduces image distortion on the edges of the light panel. Images can be viewed live in the canon camera software and stored in a mapped folder for quick access.

​1. Plastic-jacketed steel tubing frame on locking casters, with pivoting top section
2. Power strip mounted to stand with separate on/off switch at each plug.
3. OSAAP Light Panel embedded in foam
4. Cannon Rebel T6 Camera : Power on/off remote
5. Cannon image capture software
6. Memory stick
7. Power cable for camera
8. Black light curtain

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