We keep stock of the cases, shadow boards, and tools that are inserted into our kits on the assembly floor.

Kitting Assembly

We have our very own kitting management floor where we assemble and keep inventory for all kitting projects. This was a recent addition to our office because of the increasing demand for large kitting projects.


Single Part Number control of the BOM for the kit.


Tool Kits leverage several of our core competencies:

1. Design
2. Project Management
3. Manufacturing
4. Asset Management

Our Turn-key Kitting process provides an interactive design and project management phase. Onsite manufacturing of the foam and assembly of the kit. We also offer asset management services for all the items on the Bill of Material (BOM). Giving customers the option to manage the entire kit as one part number. We manage the inventory for all the items in the kit, do the final assembly, and ship worldwide.

Step 1: Selecting Items for your Kit

If you have already identified the items for you kit simply send us the list and we can start to work on your project. You can also work with our team and we will help you identify what you need. We partner with many companies to provide you a full solution for the tools you need.

Step 2: Designing your Kit

We have Databases with many standard tools and items from past projects that can be leveraged to start your design. We can also import your CAD files of parts, work with Tracings, and offer both 2D and 3D scanning.

Step 3: Blue Shadow

Once the models for all your parts have been created, we design each layer of the foam to hold your parts in our Proprietary CAD Software “Blue Shadow”. Blue Shadow is a Free download available to our customers at no charge. It is a simple CAD software designed specifically for laying out parts in foam and can be used with minimal training.

If you have the kit already designed, we will impart your design into Blue Shadow so that the project can follow our standard workflow.

Step 4: Project Management

We have found the Project Management is central to our success managing low volume / high mix projects. As a result our R&D budget has been focused heavily on our Project Database “Blue Manager”.

Blue Manager has an internal facing and customer facing interface. All the work done on your project is transparent on the customer Portal.

1. If you upload your own design you can track the progress of your project through approval and manufacturing.
2. If you upload CAD data, Tracings or Images your project starts the FREE design loop immediately.

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