The OSAAP Web Portal

The Web Portal is our customer interface software that manages our communication and product development.

Web Portal

All files (help files, .tool files, .bord files, scan files, etc.) related to a project or design are uploaded to the web portal for one of our design teams and customers to view at the same time. The customer has the power and ability to either download our Blue Shadow FREE CAD software, or enlist a designer to create their custom board design.

The customer can send help tickets, live chat, and manage their board designs through this application. The customer is also able to review the design, and they have the power to approve their board designs and send into the manufacturing queue, or deny their board and ask for changes as many times as they need.

We pride ourselves on creating a user-friendly process.

For more information, visit our knowledge base, which is filled with web portal tutorials and articles on most commonly asked questions.

Web Portal 2.0 Tutorial Video

Web Portal Log in

When a project is created for you, you will receive an email providing you with a username and password for our online web portal. Logging into this web portal will provide you with background access to monitor and approve or decline designs.

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