Foreign Object Debris (FOD)

FOD is a big issue for many industries where organization and cleanliness are very important.


The designers at OSAAP are instructed to pay very close attention to each Shadow Board to prevent possible FOD or Islands in our boards.

FOD control is a high priority for aerospace and airport server industries. Foreign objects such as tools can lead to significant damage to aircraft. Because every aircraft engine assembly and repair process is different custom Shadow Boards are needed. At OSAAP our specialty is one of a kind Shadow Boards which makes the Aerospace Industry our largest market place.

Understanding 5S

In any repair or maintenance organization, one of the biggest competitive advantages is eliminating waste. What does this mean? Waste in this sense includes much more than wear items or replacement of damaged tools. Waste refers to all actions and resources that aren’t value-added or required. 5S organization and shadow boards for aviation maintenance can help MROs and FBOs decrease waste by reducing time spent on nonessential activities.

You may ask, “How does organizing decrease waste?” Proper tool organization has the greatest effect on wasted motion – which leads to wasted time. Wasted motion refers to actions taken by a technician or manager that does not directly contribute to job completion. What is the amount of wasted motion and wasted time that are used to locate tooling? It may not seem like this is a significant amount of time, but it adds up. Although times are highly variable due to facility differences in size, tooling procedures, and workforce, many MROs and FBOs find that searching for tools can extend aviation maintenance work by over 45 minutes.

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